(SHAN Talk) တွင်ႈထၢမ် ၸၢႆးၼေႃႇသႅင်ၾႃႉ ၽွၼ်းလီ ၽွၼ်းၸႃႉ ၵၢၼ်ၸႂ်ႉ IT ၼႂ်းၵၢပ်ႈပၢၼ်မႂ်ႇ

The Shan Herald Agency for News (SHAN) is a private, nonprofit, multi-media organization which was established in Shan State in 1991. Our mission is to create a more informed and consequently a more empowered community by filling the information void and shedding light on the current situation in Burma, especially Shan State. As a media organization, we strive to provide credible news that is professionally produced with high-quality standards of journalism in multi-ethnic languages and which reflects the views of ethnic people, thus creating a better understanding among all the people of our nation.

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