About Us

Under Shan Herald Agency for News (SHAN), SHAN Radio Online is established in order to serve news to a wider audience, especially people who are accessible to internet. Our main aim is to provide greater access to news reports on the situation in Burma and specifically Shan State to the people of Shan State, Burma and international community in order to create greater education and understanding of the situation both locally and worldwide.
Due to lack of electricity and other communication infrastructure in Shan State, daily radio news remains the favored platform for news and information. The internet-based radio program will cost-effectively provide the transmission base to existing FM radio broadcast stations, and in the future to mobile phone based systems in Shan State and Burma.

Currently we broadcast eight hours per day which include two 30-minute news programs as well as a talk show and other community programming. Programming is covered a range of topics, including Shan news, ethnic news, regional and international news, and other key issues such as the peace-building process and economics. The program will be broadcasted online with significant portions simultaneously broadcast on 93.75 FM at Lanfah station, a privately owned station, located on the Thai-Burma border between Tachilek district in Shan State and Mae Fah Luang district, Chiang Rai province. The 1200-watt station produces a signal that reaches 13 townships inside Shan State, as well as towns along the border.
In the future, if the FM broadcast licensing system in Burma is liberalised, SHAN will also apply for a license in Taunggyi and perhaps other cities in Shan state.


Shan Herald Agency for News

Shan Radio Online ၸုမ်းၶၢဝ်ႇၽူႈတွႆႇႁွၵ်ႈ